Selasa, 17 November 2009

Mini Keyboard Casio

A Casio Mini Keyboard is great for introducing your kids to the fascinating world of electronic music.
The benefits of music, especially on children, have been proven for many years now, so it is a great idea to introduce your kids to music at a very early age. But the choice of musical instrument for your kid can be difficult. Because from a child's perspective, the music instrument needs to be easy to play and fun to learn, whereas from the parent's perspective it needs to be affordable!

One such music instrument is the Casio mini keyboard, which is an electronic keyboard, but much smaller than the standard keyboards that you must have seen. The Casio mini keyboard has everything in it that will fascinate kids. It is a fun way to learn music. It is easy to play, since these keyboards are smaller in sizes and comes with 37 keys. It is very lightweight and kids can easily carry them around.

On the cost front too, they are much cheaper. Besides, you get an opportunity to introduce your kids to digital music and technology. There are a lot of people you understand music, but very few who understand digital technology - which is important if you want your music to be available to a wider audience.

These mini keyboards have many tones and rhythms, and are polyphonic - lets you play multiple notes at the same time. This gives your kids an idea of how various tones come together on top of a rhythm to form a song. They can even play chords on this instrument, which exposes them to the important concept of harmony at a very early age. It also includes an LCD that displays the notes that are played, and shows icons that indicate the beat of the rhythm.

You would normally play these mini keyboards using batteries, though you have the option of playing it with a power adapter as well. No slot for connecting headphones, since it is meant for young kids and using headphones for longer period can be harmful to kids. Casio Mini Keyboard.